The difference between the craftsmanship of precious metals in watches and clocks

Hello everyone, it seems that a long time and no updates related to the clock technology. Recent templates are often used in precious metals, such as the Cal.3120 & Cal.8500 & Cal.9300 Platinum Plates and Autopods, which use a vacuum process to make the look more shiny. Because some of the previous cooperation, and processing factories to establish a good relationship of cooperation, so I thought of a real precious metal processing technology to process some of the original stainless steel case to see the effect will not be better than the PVD process , If you are interested in high imitation uk replica watches process, or would like to know the process of precious metals gold table friends can look at this post We will be two groups of shell delivered to two different factories, requiring 18K rose gold processing, model costs are the same. The cost of each case model is similar. The following figure is a model delivered by two manufacturers, and the use of PVD process of the rose gold case comparison We may feel F2 processed case looks more like gold, but we asked the factory is a model of rose gold, and later we found through communication, rose gold (red gold) is the main component of replica watches uk the formation of copper, if the copper content Too low, it will appear the whole table looks like gold, this is because the F2 processing plant and not too much related to the experience caused. But the F1 model although more like rose gold, but not the shiny flicker F2, but the two factories are indeed the use of real gold and silver processing. F1 and F2 of the back cover contrast F1 reason is the closest to the rose gold. But because of the superb craftsmanship is not in place, although it is real money, but still did not achieve the desired effect, because the finished product seems to PVD process and almost. In the light even under the feeling of stainless steel shell. I believe you see this post is very strange friends, ah Well, it seems that there is no place to be commendable ah, yes, both F1 & F2, although the use of real gold, but did not achieve outstanding results. Is not to market, customer-oriented, and all the rules of the product, I used to update some of the swiss replica watches finished product, you may feel that copying a product is very easy. In fact No Way ...... every product in the process, and installation to do a lot of sophisticated design, after numerous failures in order to get a model of people satisfied with the product. In the future, I am satisfied with the finished product appears, I will come up with these models, to do comparative evaluation, and let Yingzheng table industry to provide the service, well thank you for watching.