Waterproof TEST instrument Detailed Explanation NO.1

I believe that most of the table friends, rolex replica watches and clocks for the waterproof TEST, still only stay in the pneumatic cylinder stage, I also searched on the Internet on the watch waterproof test, most of them are Is text-based, of course, there are some video. But most are presented in the form of unsafe water-containing pneumatic cylinders. Then the real table into the water test is how to complete it. Here I come to you to do a detailed explanation, interested friends can look at the table First of all, I have to explain and water pressure cylinder opposite the vacuum water test instrument, we all know that water pressure cylinder is mainly for the case to carry out waterproof test, in general, no one will do expensive finished watch There is water pressure cylinder test, because once the water, then the entire movement of the watch are all water, and that failure of the test on behalf of the entire watch scrapped. So no one will do such a thing, so the introduction of vacuum test device is undoubtedly the finished replica rolex watches waterproof TEST gospel, because the price is relatively expensive so very few people will use such a water test instrument, in general only The price of more than 50,000 original watch counter will have such an instrument. Vacuum water test instrument of the two brands, mainly Sigma Electronics and Witschi two brands. We are currently using the Sigma Electronics SM-8850 water test instrument, is currently the most advanced water test instrument, the maximum on-line 5bar, that is 50 meters waterproof, we may not have the concept of 5bar, because the current description on the watch waterproof Of the unscientific 300M ~ 1000M waterproof business free label, 50M really look at the pediatric. So specifically, the concept of 50 meters on land is 18 floors so high, if it is diving, swimming, I think any normal, it is impossible to dive to such a depth in the test 3bar has been sufficient to meet Any normal needs in life. Sigma Electronics's instrument has a feature that can support two sets of TEST program, which is not available Witschi. Simply put, when the air pressure reaches the upper limit of TEST1, an additional atmospheric pressure is added to ensure the accuracy and accuracy of the results. That's why we chose Sigma Electronics. We set the 3 bar waterproof test, the second program is 3.5bar each test time is 30 seconds. After opening the test chamber, Sigma Electronics instruments only single test, so this instrument is only suitable for single and expensive watches for testing. Only suitable for independent installation groups, or maintenance after-sales center to use, for mass production of finished products testing, but also outdated. Because this instrument has been connected to the automatic pump, the system will automatically pressurize the cylinder to reach the established pressure later. The time will be counted down. When the first test passes, the gas density in the uk replica watches does not change, the PASS lamp lights up. But this time also to set the second test. Instantly pressurized to 3.5Bar, then a reciprocal of 30 seconds. 30 seconds after the pressure density is still no change can prove that this table is fully suitable for water under the 3bar pressure, The system will also show that TEST 2 has been completed and passed Well, this is the vacuum test the entire process of water use, I believe we have to test the water vacuum test device has been understanding it. Thank you for watching, if you want to see more knowledge of watches, or discuss with me, you can go to the local tyrants forum, to participate in the discussion on the clock